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Believe it or not, online counseling has been around since lonnnng before COVID-19, and it has a TON of amazing perks (see below). 

Honestly, "teletherapy" is pretty much the same as in-person counseling except that you don't have to travel, there's no "I'm running late because I got stuck behind a train", no awkwardly sitting around in a waiting room with other people who are there to spill their secrets to someone, and you can see you therapist (that's me!) from the comfort of your own home. You can even wear your fuzzy house slippers; we won't tell.

It's a lot like picking up the phone to FaceTime or Skype with one of your friends. Only you get to talk to someone who is highly trained in listening to you concerns and offering validation, guidance, and strategies for healing and reaching your goals. Our therapists are the same people that we would be if we were sitting face-to-face, only this way we get to be wearing fuzzy house shoes too. (Shhh!)

We are sure some people have worries about not connecting in the same way with an online therapy experience, and we totally get that - for some, it may not be a fit. There are actually a few therapeutic reasons that online counseling may not be the best match for you, and we will be sure to talk through this with you in your free consultation if it's something we feel like may affect you.

For most people, though, online counseling is just as effective (and often far more convenient and time-saving!) than meeting in person.

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  • No traveling/commuting! Our clients are often very BUSY and it's a huge timesaver to be able to schedule with me without having to add in travel time.

  • No dressing to impress. Let's be honest, you'd really love to come to therapy in your sweatpants, and now you can. Yay!

  • Convenience.  We get to basically "come to you" wherever you are, even if that's not at your house While we encourage clients to find a comfy spot in their home to meet with their therapist, sometimes all you can do is a session from your car in the grocery store parking lot in between work and grabbing the kids, and WE ARE HERE FOR THAT. Let's do it.

  • Full control of your surroundings. Hey, sometimes going to a therapist's office feels intimidating or causes anxiety. In the online counseling scenario, YOU get to be in charge of where you feel comfortable meeting.

  • Built-in opportunities to experience growth.  Most of our clients come to us with high levels of anxiety, which can often be exacerbated by "triggers" at home. When you're in your own environment, you can immediately start to apply the skills you learn in our work to the life you're living - right there in session. We'll be there coaching and guiding you every step of the way!

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Let's chat! You've been looking for a counselor who specializes in exactly the stuff you're going through, and we want to make sure you get what you need. So, we're offering a free consultation in which you can ask questions and feel 100% comfortable before we move forward. Ready to get started? 


Take a look around. Then, schedule your free 20-min consultation to find out anything else you'd like to know!


Odds are, it's pretty important to you that you find a counselor who feels like "the right fit". We hear you! Click "About Us" to learn more about our clinicians and how we can help.


The most important investment you're making in this process is the investment you're making in your mental health and personal growth. But, we're sure you have questions about the financial investment, too. Click through to learn more.

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