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Quality mentorship for growth-minded clinicians.
G&G Counseling and Consulting, PLLC.

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I’m Sarah Czopek, Owner and Executive Director of Grace & Gratitude Counseling, PLLC, a niche-based women's anxiety & trauma practice located in Downer's Grove, Illinois, and it's sub-PLLC, G&G Counseling and Consulting. And the latter, my friends, is what brings you here!

Grad school leaves some major holes in counselor education, leaving many feeling woefully unprepared for the real world of clinical work. I have yet to meet a single therapist who graduated feeling truly comfortable knowing how to submit proper documentation, and almost no one knows a thing about the "business side" of working with clients. Things like developing referral systems, retaining clients, and

Add to all this: good supervisors can be hard to come by! It's a travesty, really.  

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Deep diving: for not-so-average therapists.

Get ready to scrape below the surface as we work through case conceptualization, documentation, imposter syndrome, and how to go deep with clients so they experience long-term freedom.


Mentorship + peer support and feedback.

Watch this space for 2023 Supervision Groups catered to those working with women's anxiety & trauma concerns.


Consultation for practice setup/growth, and the tough questions only owners can truly relate to!

Perhaps you are a fellow practice owner just getting started, or rethinking systems, communication, and growth. I've been there! I'd love to help you identify the pain points of your business and make changes to free up your time and mental energy.

Interested in Consultation & Supervision? Use the button below to self-schedule!



Because a not-so-average therapist needs a not-so-average therapist!

I know this struggle firsthand! It is HARD to find a therapist who can hold big enough space for a fellow therapist - and without crossing boundaries. Well, I am here for that. 

Important note: supervision and therapy are two different things. I invite you to decide now which service you are seeking from me, as we will stay in that lane for ethical reasons.

**EDIT 3/17/23: Sarah is not accepting new therapy clients at this time**

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