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Healing Through Interactive Group Learning


Friday,  March 8, 2024 9am - 4pm 
Cost: $249/person
Spots Remaining: 10

Join us for a full day of interactive, curiosity-led learning through the revolutionary IFS model. This workshop is designed with IFS newbies in mind; we'll teach you the basics of your internal family system, helping you to identify parts that are managers, firefighters, and exiles. You'll also experience the 8 C's of Self Energy as we explore ways to help your many parts begin to heal and shift. 

This low-tech workshop will take place in our cozy group room on cushioned couches and armchairs, with a living room vibe conducive to sharing and learning. This workshop is perfect for therapy clients and self-help seekers who have been curious about the IFS model, which has been taking the world by storm! It is also appropriate for clinicians seeking a "client experience" of the model as an introduction to this work. 

Workshop Objectives:

  • Recognize 8 C’s of “Self”: Compassion, Clarity, Courage, Confidence, Calm, Curiosity, Creativity, and Connection.

  • Define “Managers”, “Firefighters” and “Exiles”; categories of sub-personalities

  • Understand difference between having parts and having Dissociative Identity Disorder

  • Understand how trauma affects the development of parts

  • Complete a brief “parts map” (artistic drawing of the parts you see within your own internal family system)

  • Know that there are no bad parts. All parts have a positive agenda and are there to help!

  • Identify common archetypal parts such as “The Critical Parent”, “The Lonely Child”, “The -Perfectionist Overachiever” and “The One Who Numbs Out”

  • Learn how to increase “Self energy” through grounding techniques

  • Discover how to decrease conflict by “Leading with Curiosity”

  • Recognize when you may be talking with someone else’s part and not their true Self

  • Forecast how to care for your parts as you grow

Outline of Schedule:

8:45-9am Check-in, Coffee/Tea provided.

9-10:30am Introduction to IFS Model: Firefighters, Managers, Exiles, & Self

10:30-12 Deep Dive: Firefighters

12-1 Lunch on your own - MANY great restaurants within 2 min drive!

1-2:30 Deep Dive: Managers

2:30-4 Exiles & Beyond

Introduction to IFS
Introduction to IFS
Mar 16, 2024, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Wheaton College - BGH 432 Wilson Suite,
501 College Ave, Wheaton, IL 60187, USA
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