Client Retention Boot Camp Presents:

Mastering Client Retention for Private Practice Owners & Clinicians

JUNE 24, 2024 AT 12:00PM CENTRAL

Ready to learn the “secret sauce” to maintaining high Client Retention rates? The stability and health of your caseload and/or group practice depends on your ability to draw in and retain clients. From surprisingly “non-clinical” intake and rapport building techniques to assertive and effective communication tips, we’ll show you all of the professional sales, marketing, and clinical skills that matter most when it comes to client retention.

You’ll learn about:

What Client Retention is

Why Client Retention MATTERS for you as an owner or clinician

Signs of Poor Client Retention

Primary Contributing Factors to Health Client Retention


Your Roadmap - and Barriers you’ll overcome - to Successful Client Retention


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Sarah Czopek is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Group Practice Owner, and, with a personal client retention rate that consistently stays in the 90% range and above, a bit of a Client Retention Guru. With a unique background blending a Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a Masters of Professionals Counseling, Sarah routinely coaches her team members to client retention success using assertive communication tips, techniques borrowed from Marketing & Sales fields, and a strategic approach to wiping out internal self-doubt and “imposter syndrome” - all while helping clinicians develop a stronger sense of clinical identity, niche, and professionalism.

Over the course of her practice-building journey, Sarah recognized a common and problematic pattern occurring in the group practice industry: client retention woes. With the rise of private practice as one of the most desirable internship and post-graduate job placement settings, more and more “new-to-the-field” clinicians have begun to find their way into the 1:1 outpatient therapy room. Often, these newer clinicians have made it through grad school without a clue how to truly navigate client resistance, get through difficulty with rapport building, set appropriate boundaries & expectations for therapy scheduling, or solicit critical feedback from clients. This, combined with totally natural feelings of insecurity and nervousness on the part of newer clinicians, inevitably leads to clients dropping left and right, leaving clinicians scrambling to fill caseload gaps and feeling frustrated or hopeless about not being “good enough.”