EMDR & IFS Intensives

When you need to go DEEPER than a weekly therapy sesh

What if you’re dealing with a long-rooted trauma history, or have a Big Thing that you just can’t get over? What if you have super activating symptoms and become overly dysregulated/hyper-emotional in “regular” therapy? What if you’ve been trying to work through these issues in weekly counseling sessions, but it just isn’t going deep enough, or fast enough to help?

This doesn’t mean you’re “incurable” or that your problems are too big to solve. Usually, it means you just happen to have a type of concern that would resolve more thoroughly using an intensified approach. 

After all, weekly individual therapy is GREAT but it has some inherent limitations (like time constraints) that can create barriers to deep healing.

For example, how many times have you gotten to the very end of your weekly therapy session and blurted out a thing that's been sitting on your chest all week, but now there is no time to talk about it?

Have you ever felt on the verge of a breakthrough just as it's time to wrap up for the hour? Has it ever felt like you spend more time "catching up" and filling your therapist in on your past week that you don't have enough time to get into the nitty gritty? Does it take you three sessions sometimes to FINALLY put your finger on that underlying thing that's really been bothering you?

How often have you wished you could spend just one more hour, or a whole afternoon, with a therapist who can help you unburden and create shifts in your life?


What the heck is an intensive, anyway?

We're so glad you asked. An intensive is a way to format your therapy experience in longer chunks of time, at an increased frequency, using trauma-informed therapy modalities proven to go deeper and faster than traditional talk therapy methods.

Most people these days attend therapy in weekly, hour-long sessions, which was basically an insurance-driven model for neatly packaging up the therapy experience. But, that doesn’t mean it is the most effective.

With a longer session duration, and sessions occurring back to back over the course of 1 - 3 days, you’ll make progress in a much deeper and broader way that leads to fast and long-lasting change.

How are intensives set up?

For starters, clients interested in intensive therapy will schedule an initial assessment session with a therapist to determine their need and develop a plan for their customized intensive.

For some, this may look like a one-off 3 hour intensive to focus on processing a particular traumatic memory or do a deep dive into working with a part of yourself in need of exploration. For others, intensive work may be customized to span 1, 2, or 3 days of half or full day sessions broken into 1.5 - 3 hour chunks.

Your intensive will be customized to your needs, goals, and window of tolerance for deep processing work. 


Let us count the whys!

You've been searching for an EMDR and/or IFS therapist, only to be met with long waitlists and limited availability. Intensives offer the opportunity to plug in to a specialized, advanced-level therapist's schedule without needing to wait for a weekly, recurring time block to open up. Yay!

 A short term, committed chunk of time may be easier for you to work into YOUR busy schedule - especially if you're a working mom, executive, or teacher, or any other woman with a hugely demanding lifestyle, like many of our clients.

 You'd rather get right to the point than spend the beginnings of sessions reviewing the past week's highs and lows or updating your therapist on your progress since last session. With an intensive, you can skip the review and jump right into the work.


Types of Intensives

EMDR Intensives

Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, or EMDR, is a widely used processing modality known for its fast results and target-focused sessions. It is said that one EMDR session can help you process as much as 8 traditional talk therapy sessions. What's even better than that? A 1, 2, or 3 day EMDR Intensive customized to help you through your toughest negative beliefs, trauma memories, future fears, and much more. 

IFS Intensives

A modality unlike any other, Internal Family Systems, or IFS, is one of the most creative, open-ended, and effective therapies available. Everyone has parts of themselves active within - perhaps including an Inner Child, Critical Parent voice, or a part you might call your Overachiever. Magnify your understanding of these internal parts and help unburden, shift, and heal wounded pieces of yourself in a 1, 2, or 3 day intensive therapy experience.

IFS-Informed EMDR Intensives

The best of both worlds, IFS-Informed EMDR is exactly what it sounds like. Our intensive therapists have received advanced training in the blending of these two evidence-based modalities to offer a unique experience you're not likely to find elsewhere. Experience the power of pairing your IFS "parts" with EMDR's bilateral stimulation, desensitization and processing for maximum internal healing during a 1, 2 or 3 day intensive.

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