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Cup of Tea


In fact, it may be one of the most important decisions you'll make during this season of life.

You're here because you've been searching for a professional counselor who actually understands what you're dealing with - without you having to wade through pages and pages of therapists who just don't get it. 

We hear you. That's why our therapists strive to be transparent about their experience, approach, and personalities - so you can quickly figure out if you think you'll work well together. We want this process to feel comfortable and easy, like how you feel when meeting an old friend for coffee or tea. 

Our Therapists: About Me
Our Therapists: About Therapy


Part of you may be curious about where our therapists went to school or what exactly their training and experience is, and we'll get to that in a minute...but first, we want to share with you the type of client that we find we have the most success in being able to help. That way, we can honor your desire to find the right fit - not just show you we have fancy qualifications and certifications (don't worry, we do - ha!). After all, this is about helping you make the right decision.

Clients who most benefit from therapy with our clinicians are those who feel ready to make changes, are open to talking through their experiences both past and present, and are able be creative and imaginative as we go through the therapy journey.   

Our most successful clients appreciate our ability to tune in to the root causes of their anxiety and are willing to try strategies and coping skills that are uniquely catered to their experience.  

If you're looking for a therapist to simply smile and nod and say "Go on...", we have to warn you - that's not us! We are invested in helping you activate real change, which means we will always give you honest, valuable feedback about what you bring up in session, and will collaborate with you on customized, actionable goals to help you on your way. 

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A female owned and operated business, Grace & Gratitude helps women understand themselves better, conquer anxiety, and improve their day to day relationships with self confidence and growth.

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Clinical Therapist & Supervisor
Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling Psychology

Sumiaya works best with women who are:

  • Working through mom-guilt and life balance

  • Dealing with the fallout from past relationships or traumatic experiences 

  • Feeling pressure to "get it right" and be perfect

  • Going through grief and loss

  • Transitioning from teenage years to adulthood, or from young adulthood to motherhood (change is hard!)

Sumiaya loves incorporating yoga and other mindfulness-based-practices into her therapy work. In her spare time, Sumiaya enjoys spending time with her family.

With 15+ years experience, Sumiaya is a seasoned, patient, insightful clinician who enjoys helping you find solutions and coping skills. Sumiaya will complete EMDR training in July/Aug 2022 and works from an eclectic therapeutic lens, incorporating mindfulness, CBT, and ACT into her work. Sumiaya typically works with clients diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, Depression, or Adjustment Disorders, among other concerns.



Clinical Therapist
Master of Arts in Counseling

Liz works especially well with women or teen girls who are:

  • Overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood (she's a mom of multiples - she gets it!)

  • Dealing with triggers from their own childhood

  • Interested in discovering the roots of *why* they over-feel and overreact 

  •  Need help practicing self-care, self-compassion, and self-forgiveness 

  • Moms or adult siblings of individuals with special needs (Liz has prior experience in the therapeutic day school setting).

Liz is warm, open, and quick to put clients of all ages at ease. Liz utilizes trauma-informed interventions to help clients practice self-awareness, flexibility, and empathy. She typically sees women with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Major Depression, and Postpartum Anxiety/Depression. 

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Associate Clinical Therapist
Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Michaela works especially well with teen girls and women who are: 

  • Exceptionally hard on themselves

  • Struggling with low self-esteem

  • High achievers/gifted individuals

  • Experiencing depression

  • Healing from past or current traumas 

  • Wishing they could find their voice

  • In need of stronger coping skills for life's daily stressors

Michaela is an insightful, quick-minded clinician who connects easily with clients of all ages and backgrounds. She particularly enjoys helping adolescents and young women as they discover their true selves. 

Michaela uses a blend of therapeutic  counseling techniques and orientations, including but not limited to ACT, CBT, client-centered,
motivational interviewing, and attachment-based therapy.  Michaela has completed special training in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (or TF-CBT) and values spiritually integrative counseling approaches. She is able to provide counseling from a Christian faith-based perspective when requested.

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Clinical Therapist
Master of Education in Counseling

Hilary works especially well with women who are:

  • Experiencing anxiety throughout pregnancy

  • Concerned about postpartum depression or anxiety/intrusive thoughts & fears

  • Shifting into their new identity as mothers

  • Balancing roles of motherhood and other life responsibilities

  • In need of parenting strategies and support

  • Feeling like they could use someone to vent it all out to!

Hilary is ​a mature clinician who makes clients feel comfortable and at-ease. She is able to use humor and gentle direction to help clients learn coping skills and dig deeply into their concerns.

Hilary has completed certification trainings on Maternal Mental Health and Advanced Perinatal Mental Health through Postpartum Support International. She utilizes CBT, ACT, CPT,
trauma-informed techniques and mind-body centered therapies to support her clients.

image0 (8).jpeg


Clinical Therapist
Master of Social Work

Laurel works especially well with women and teen girls who are:

  • Nurses, doctors, and other "helping professionals"

  • Caregivers who tend to find themselves over-giving and burned out

  • Teachers, speech paths, and other school professionals

  • Individuals impacted by medical trauma, including terminal diagnoses, hospice care, dialysis and organ transplants

  • Processing grief experiences (death, relationship loss, phase of life changes, etc)

Laurel comes to GGC with a background in hospital social work, and has extensive experience connecting with those impacted by medically related stressors. She has also worked in the school setting and easily connects to educators and parents.

Laurel utilizes CBT, DBT, and a mix of other therapy styles to reach clients in a gentle, conversational way. She typically sees women and teen girls with depression, anxiety, grief, and adjustment disorders.

image0 (1).jpeg


Clinical Therapist
Masters of Science in Social Work

Sarah works best with women who are:

  • Working through mom-guilt and life balance

  • Struggling with relationships and communication

  • Dealing with past traumas affecting current life circumstances

  • Feeling "not enough" 

  • Overwhelmed with daily life

  • In need of help coping with stress and triggers

Sarah is a homeschooling mom of 5 whose combined life experience and clinical expertise makes her a uniquely qualified therapist with compassion, understanding and helpful feedback for miles.

Sarah is gentle and direct, with the ability to connect with teens and adult women alike.  With a background in working with children and families, Sarah incorporates mindfulness, CBT, and more into her work; she is in process of completing IFS Circles training and is informed by parts work. Sarah typically works with clients diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, Depression, or Adjustment Disorders, among other concerns. Sarah is available to see clients from a Christian faith perspective if desired.

image0 (5).jpeg


Clinical Therapist
Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

Tabitha works especially well with teen girls and adult women who:​

  • Struggle with low self esteem

  • Know or suspect that they may have ADHD/ADD

  • Need help finding ways to organize their thoughts and surroundings

  • Would like to learn ways to deal with "big feelings" like anger, panic, and sadness

  • Often feel emotionally out of control

  • Sometimes feel afraid of abandonment or being alone

  • Have a difficult time with relationships

  • May struggle with body image issues, over/under eating, or chronic dieting

Tabitha is a compassionate, patient, authentic therapist who enjoys helping individuals learn about, accept, and empower themselves.  Tabitha is trauma informed and has completed the Internal Family Systems "Circles" program, using IFS routinely with clients. She creates a safe space where her clients feel heard and validated. Tabitha can also offer Christian faith based counseling when requested. 

Tabitha sees clients who may be diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Major Depression, Borderline Personality Disorder, PTSD (single event or complex), Eating Disorders  and other related concerns. 



Owner, Executive Director
Master of Science in Professional Counseling

Sarah works especially well with women who are:

  • Entrepreneurs & C-Suite Executives
    (aka women with huge ambition and equally huge self-pressure)

  • Moms and teen or adult sisters of individuals with autism or other developmental disabilities (Sarah spent about a decade working in a therapeutic day school and truly "gets it")

  • Speech Paths, BCBAs, Teachers (for same reason as above!)

  • Nurses, Doctors, and other "helping professionals" who tend to find themselves over-giving and burned out

  • Curious about how their experiences have impacted their current relationships and life choices

Sarah is a deeply intuitive, direct, and humorous therapist who will probably always be sipping loose leaf tea during your session. When not in session, Sarah keeps busy with her family and church.

Sarah is a specialist with both EMDR and IFS (Level 3) training. She typically sees women with Complex PTSD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

*Sarah's caseload is full as of March 2022 but she does still accept therapist supervisees for case consultation.

Our Therapists: Services


Client Care Coordinator

image0 (2).jpeg

Hannah is our rockstar Client Care Coordinator. She helps clients schedule appointments, address billing concerns, and basically keeps us all organized behind the scenes here at GGC. 

Hannah greets all clients with kindness and compassion. Whatever your question, Hannah will help you find the answer!

Hannah can be reached at .

Our Therapists: About Me


Let's chat! You've been looking for a counselor who specializes in exactly the stuff you're going through, and we want to make sure you get what you need. So, we are offering a free consultation in which you can ask questions and feel 100% comfortable as we match you to a therapist. Ready to get started? Click "Book Now" below!

Our Therapists: About Therapy


Mother and Daughter
Stressed Woman
Young Romance


With responsibilities piling up in your job and personal life, you feel like you rarely get a break. Somehow everything falls on you, and you're feeling consistently drained. "Superwoman Syndrome" can feel frustrating and tiring. We'll help you put away your superhero cape and find your way to a life of balance.


A lot of your energy is spent thinking through the what-if's and choices you're faced with. Sometimes it feels like your brain is on a hamster wheel, spinning around with no end in sight. You find it difficult to make decisions and worry about choosing the wrong path. Are you ready to settle your mind and increase your confidence?


You spend a lot of time wondering what other people think and feel. You often find yourself saying "yes" when you wish you could say no. You tend to wonder if people are upset with you and whether they'll stick around. What if we told you that you could find your own voice and finally get what you want out of life?

Our Therapists: Services
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