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Grace & Gratitude Counseling, PLLC - a Chicago area women's anxiety and trauma therapy practice - is seeking eager-to-grow clinicians and administrative support staff.

Our mission is to transform the emotional lives and relationships of our clients by prayerfully serving our community through compassionate, client-centered therapy that fosters Grace & Gratitude toward self and others.

Our Core Values


At Grace & Gratitude, we invite you to show up as your most authentic Self in all you do. After all, we're not just hiring anyone - we're hiring YOU with your unique perspective, personality and process for therapy. We also care deeply about your clinical interests and support your professional journey through individualized training and supervision.


We stay connected as a staff so that you'll feel like a part of the GGC family.

We believe in open doors, team building, coffee dates, laughter and honesty.


We best serve our clients when we continually grow personally and professionally. So we learn from our mistakes, embrace feedback, try new things and seek opportunities to better ourselves through supervision, collaboration, continuing education and advancement opportunities.


Our therapists are compassion-filled, caring individuals who feel deeply fulfilled by their work. We keep our finger on the pulse and share in our challenges, victories and breakthroughs as clinicians.


We are a practice built on trust, truthfulness and responsibility. We choose to honor our clients and coworkers by beingĀ reliable and up-front, operating from the highest ethical standards in our field.

Current Openings

In-person and Hybrid Options Available

Clinician Testimonials

GGC provides an environment that not only encourages growth and learning for our clients, but for the clinicians as well. Since joining the team, I have felt supported and valued every step of the way. Everyone is passionate about this work, lifting each other up and striving to be the best therapists for our clients. This practice also offers great flexibility with virtual and in person options in our lovely office space. I am grateful to be part of this amazing team!

Liz Bohnsak, LCPC

Since joining the GGC team, I've found that the processes and people have really helped me grow in my confidence as a clinician. I can focus my energy on my clinical work, rather than marketing and the administrative tasks that are often necessary on the back end. It's been great to work alongside such inspiring, talented, and supportive women, each with their own unique personalities, skills, and interests. Their exposures have added value to my own clinical practice. I love that there is not only an emphasis to support our clients but also such intentionality in providing opportunities for us to build genuine connections and empower each other. I've heard the phrase, "when you love what you do, it never feels like work." I'd add that when you love WHERE you work, life just seems more manageable and enjoyable!

Tabitha Jirsa, LPC

GGC does an amazing job of allowing me to have both the autonomy and the support I was looking for in a practice, which is a difficult balance to strike. My move to GGC has been one of the best career decisions I have made in my years of practice.

Sumiaya Caughey, LCPC

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