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"Perfection is a toxic desire. We are not supposed to be perfect. The challenge is not to be perfect - it's to be whole."
- Jane Fonda


You are your own worst critic, and you are almost always comparing yourself to others. It feels very important to you that others think well of you and think that you're a good person with good intentions. You feel a need to show the world that you are strong, capable, and don't need anyone's help

You also have a tendency to hold others to impossibly high standards, and feel frustrated when mistakes are made. Often, you'd rather just do things yourself than trust someone else to take care of it. 

You crave approval, and often live your life so focused on making others comfortable and not screwing shit up that you forgo your own needs completely.

And forget about asking for help - that's just not an option. You'll find a way to figure it out on your own; you always have.

And yet, you never feel like you're good enough.


Because, let's face it: it's exhausting trying to be frigging perfect all. the. time.  

You just want *so much* for your life and your relationships, but you're scared to make changes because you feel like you don't deserve it or haven't earned it yet. 

So, you push down your feelings, until they become so big that they pop out like an angry, scary jack-in-the-box that you just can't seem to shove back in.

You've gotten really good at pretending you're ok...but deep down, you're just so tired of feeling angry and alone.

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We know - part of you isn't letting you quite believe that, yet. That's where therapy comes in. 

Imagine if you could feel confidence instead of shame...contentment instead of fear...relaxation instead of constant pressure...How different would your life be?

Spoiler alert: There's no such thing as perfect. But there is freedom.


You see, we understand that perfectionism is something you've acquired in service of emotional survival in your life. In other words: it has WORKED for you, and kept you feeling safe and in control.

But you were made for more than just survival. You were made to THRIVE, and it's my job to help you understand how to let go of all that extra baggage so that you can actually ENJOY your life. 

Your therapist will work closely with you to identify the "whys" behind your perfectionism and help you put one foot in front of another as you journey to emotional freedom. 

Take the first step, and contact us today for your free consultation. We can't wait to meet you!

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Let's talk. You've been looking for a counselor who specializes in exactly the stuff you're going through, and we want to make sure you get what you need. So, we're offering a free consultation in which you can ask questions and feel 100% comfortable before we move forward. Ready to get started? Click "Book Now" below!


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With responsibilities piling up in your job and personal life, you feel like you rarely get a break. Somehow everything falls on you, and you're feeling consistently drained. "Superwoman Syndrome" can feel frustrating and tiring. We'll help you put away your superhero cape and find your way to a life of balance.


A lot of your energy is spent thinking through the what-if's and choices you're faced with. Sometimes it feels like your brain is on a hamster wheel, spinning around with no end in sight. You find it difficult to make decisions and worry about choosing the wrong path. Are you ready to settle your mind and increase your confidence?


You spend a lot of time wondering what other people think and feel. You often find yourself saying "yes" when you wish you could say no. You tend to wonder if people are upset with you and whether they'll stick around. What if we told you that you could find your own voice and finally get what you want out of life?

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